Corgi Tote bag Double trouble 100% BIO Cotton


Corgi Tote Bag "Double Trouble"
made by Princess Nugget

This beautiful Corgi tote bag is perfect for every day use. Unlike most tote bags, who are made of very thin fabrics, this tote bag is made out of very thick and sturdy premium BIO cotton.

This design features Nugget and her good friend Haddock the corgi. They live around the corner from where I work and we therefore get to do lots of play dates together. I take Nugget to work with me on my scooter. She rides in a bag and wears “doggles” to protect her eyes from the wind. You can imagine what a sight she must be when riding around the neighborhood with her. So when Haddock’s owner told me she’s also looking to take him on the scooter I let Haddock try on some of Nugget her doggles. Obviously Nugget couldn’t stay behind and she had to wear her doggles too. The result: the two coolest kids on the block! Double trouble!

The tote bag can be used for carrying your school stuff, your groceries or just your everyday affaires. The long straps means you can carry this bag over your shoulder. The bag is made out of 100% Organic cotton and is of very high quality with a fabric of 340 g/m².

Organic cotton is farmed without pesticides, using natural methods. This means that it is better for the health of the farmers and their communities, and also better for the environment.

The designs are inspired by our very own corgi: Princess Nugget.


- Material: 100% BIO cotton
- Color: Natural
- Fabric thickness: 340 g/m²
- Length of shoulder straps: 67cm
- Bag Volume: 10L
- Bag dimensions: 42x38 cm

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