JippeDM sticker - 100% of profit will go to charity


JippeDM sticker - 100% of profit will go to charity is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Special "JippeDM" sticker for raising awareness of DM in dogs. 100% of profits will go to this cause that the Princess Nugget shop is supporting throughout the month of September. 10% of profit of all other sales in the shop will also be donated to the cause!

The month of September, Princess Nugget shop will be supporting a special cause. One of Princess Nugget her corgi friends, Jippe, is suffering from DM.  In September, 10% of all profits in the webshop will go directly to Jippe. A special sticker has been designed and will go on sale, of which 100% of the profits will go directly to this special cause.

But what exactly is DM? And why should you help?

Degenerative Myelopathy, also known as DM for short, can be compared to the human condition ALS. DM is a relatively unknown hereditary canine condition. It causes the dog to slowly lose the use of his back end, until finally the dog is unable to move around and do their business themselves. 

Jippe has this condition. The goal of Jippe's owners is to create more awareness for this horrible disease that is becoming more and more prevalent amongst corgis.

It is too late for Jippe. But we can stand up for all other (future) dogs.

Scientists are conducting research into being able to diagnose DM while the dog is still alive. This is now officially only possible after death, via autopsy in an Animal University. The diagnosis is currently made by the vet by elimination of all other possible problems. Also, no medication or therapy has yet been invented to slow or stop the progression. The lack of time and especially money has caused that the research efforts have not progressed much.

We therefore wanted to do something to help speed up the research.

With this action we want to give scientists a helping hand, so that they have more possibilities to research DM further.

Will you help?

Your contribution helps to raise awareness for DM and will contribute financially to help researchers.

All dogs like Jippe are grateful to you.

These stickers can go just about everywhere. They are made on a thick water-resistant vinyl that will protect the sticker from scratching, rain and sunlight.
This means that your sticker can be used pretty much anywhere you'd like. Stick it on your car, your laptop, your water bottle, your phone, or even your snowboard! The sticker will stay beautiful!

* Price is for one (1) sticker.
* Sticker size is about 3" (75mm) x 3" (75mm)
* this is a PRE-ORDER. Stickers will be sent out starting beginning of September. All items bought together with this sticker from the store, will also be included in the September donations of which 10% of all profits will go to JippeDM.  


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